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The Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled
Meeting Minutes / May 1, 2019

The Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled met for its regular meeting on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at the Mobile Chamber of Commerce.  Those in attendance were: (Commission Members*)

Sister Lucindia Claghorn*  /  Carolyn Greene*  /  Heather Weeks
Jacinda Holt Parker  /  Minnie Walker  /  Mr. Walker  /  Rev. Evan May  /  Mike Courtney*
Jackie Davis  /  Whitney McCrae  /  Barbara Hattier*  /  Ida Lockette  /  Don Rose

Those members not in attendance: Michael Davis, Nancy Robinson and Vickery Jones.


Barbara Hattier called meeting to order in Mr. Davis' absence.

April 2019 minutes were approved with correction. (BH, SL)


Jackie Davis, the Wave Transit, distributed ridership reports for February/March; Jackie reported:
¦ Business is running as usual. 
¦ Trying to implement some procedures per new GM Damon Dash
¦ The new phone system has been installed as of last week. 
¦ Ridership for March: 6,659, 20 new customers, 56500 revenue miles, passengers/hour 1.65, 1 complaint regarding phone system, 1 accident with no injuries, Revenue $16,368.

Jackie was asked about an ETA announcement system for the fixed route, is there a system for the MAP program? She will need to go back to RouteMatch for this information.

Heather Weeks asked about some of the new benches at bus stops will sometimes impede where the w/c lifts would land.  She will get with Gerald Alford and get more information on this.

There was also some discussion regarding curb cuts in different areas of town.  Joe Snowden, City of Mobile, overseeing: the Cruise Terminal, downtown parking, Wave Transit, etc.


Mike Courtney reported there were no changes made.


Barbara Hattier revisited donation to August Evans School.  A motion was made and approved to donate $250 to their fund raising event.

Community Resource Fair - Several people met two weeks ago to discuss the event. Heather mentioned that one of the item mentioned was the sound system previously used was not strong enough.  Heather did get a quote of $800 to provide larger speakers.  Ms. Hattier stated that if we are investing in this event we should include a better sound system.  Heather was asked to go ahead and book the mall and provide a budget to be voted on for the next meeting.  Heather mentioned that she would need assistance with the PR for the event as well as help the day of the event.  Minnie Walker offered to help make phone calls to the agencies/participants.

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