Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled


Ms. Hattier brought up the ADA Forum.  She felt that with the Community Resource Fair planned for July 26 and the other events associated with the ADA Anniversary Celebration that we may want to wait on the forum.  Someone would have to volunteer to chair this event.  She is not able to take that on.  Everyone agreed.

There was a discussion of various ways of utilizing social media for information and awareness.  Podcasts, blogs, facebook, etc.


Minnie Walker, National Federation for the Blind, and Ida Lockette, Advocate for Mental Health were both interested on travel training on the fixed route system for consumers. The Wave can provide this training.  In addition, Minnie Walker and Sr. Lucindia offered to provide sensitivity training for the Wave drivers. Sensitivity training would go through the Director of Safety and Training, Bradley Tanner. 

Don Rose talked about the new parking options downtown.  In some areas parking meters will allow for one hour, two hours, or four hours at a time depending on where and why people would be utilizing the meters.  There will be several ways to pay for parking, cash, credit cards or an app to charge parking.

"Gotcha", a new rideshare company will be replacing the Lime Bikes.

Don said that there will be several major construction projects beginning downtown.  One lane of Government Street will be closed for a parking lane.  Vince Calmetti, formerly with ALDOT, is now with the City and is overseeing these projects.  Loda is now going down to the GM&O Building. 

The Downtown Airport opens today (May 1). There were questions about accessibility especially with the kiosks at the Regional Airport as well as at the new airport. It was suggested that the group contact the Airport Authority and visit the downtown airport to review accessibility. 

Minnie Walker spoke about the BELL Program sponsored by the NFB. AIDB has discontinued the Children's Program.  Children are not taught Braille in school.

This program is open to 10 children, ages 4-12.  They will be taught Braille, cane travel, and life skills.  Transportation, field trips and meals are included.  Minnie asked that the MACD contribute $500 to the program.  Motion made and carried.


¦ May 4, 2019 Alabama Poor People's Campaign - National Call for Moral Revival at Stewart Memorial CME Church - 9:30 Truth and Justice Tour. 6:00 PM Hearing for Truth and Justice (see attachment)
¦ May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.
¦ NAMI night at the Bay Bears Game on May 24.
¦ May 24 is World Schizophrenia and Psychosis Awareness Day.
¦ Sister Lucindia mentioned that the truncated dome pad Claiborne at Dauphin is lifting.
¦ Cathedral Apartments has been sold by the Archdiocese to ARCO.
¦ Heather reported that the Moore Library has improved some of the accessibility issues.


The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 5, 2019 at 1:30 PM.